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Ultra-low moisture and oxygen, safe and reliable
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Industry Introduction
Many chemicals used in synthesis are sensitive to humidity and/or oxygen. They must be handled in complete inert conditions.
Application Highlights
biological isolator
Fungal culture & screening
Medicine synthesis and packaging
Operator protection

Product Features
Ultra-low leakage: the overall leakage rate of the chamber is less than 0.005vol%/h;
Super large space and large chamber, which is suitable for installing large quick-opening suspension door:
Multi-level control of purification system capacity;
High reliability: the minimum water and oxygen level of the chamber can be less than 1ppm.
Super stability: quick to remove the moisture and oxygen and strong ability to restore to the inert atmosphere.
Main Scope of Application
R&D and production of pharmaceutical machinery
Bionic manufacturing
Aerospace R&D and manufacturing
Automobile manufacturing
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