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Industry Introduction
Laser encapsulation welding system can weld stainless steel, special alloy materials, titanium, zirconium and other metal alloys in moisture-free and oxygen-free environment. It can be used in the welding of semiconductor materials, RF packaging, T/R components, pacemakers, sensors, other micro-welding and etc.
Application Highlights
Gas purifier
Metal materials for 3D Printing
Atmosphere control of 3D Printing with metal
High quality welding

Product Features
Safety: Low water and oxygen levels will ensure welding quality
Protection against laser.
Integration:  laser automatic welding needs large number of high-voltage and low-voltage lines, cooling water pipelines, gas pipelines and other UT connections.
Ultra-low leakage: high hermetical performance (< 1 × 10-5vol/h) as standard.
Ultra-clean space: impurity index O2 < 1ppm; H2O < 1ppm.
Main Scope of Application

Special manufacturing

Titanium alloy applications


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