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New Display and Solar Cells
The R&D and production of OLED is usually completed in the ultra-clean glove boxes under inert conditions
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New Display and Solar Cells
Industry Introduction

Prevent OLED screens from being polluted by dust particles during the assembly, and prevent oxidation of materials to avoid impurities that impact the quality of the final product with our premium glove box systems encapsulated in an inert atmosphere. 

Our glove box systems provide optimum conditions for OLED screen manufacturing with ultra clean, moisture-free and oxygen-free & inert atmosphere.

Application Highlights
Purifier for new OLED line
Ultra clean environment (up to ISO2)
Precision constant temperature system
System Integration and Control

Product Features
Hermetically-sealed enclosure to ensure the continuous production
Provide a complete set of R&D and production systems
Ultra-clean space, multiple cleanliness levels can be selected
Enclosure can be integrated with process equipment, such as IJP, AOI, etc.
Advanced anti-vibration platform containment technology provides the best shock-absorbing Solution.
Reliable safety interlocking measures in pressure, moisture and oxygen, UV and maintenance.
Main Scope of Application
Manufacturing Enterprise of flexible OLED display
Electronic equipment manufacturer Research and Development Labs for  OLED Technology