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Lithium Battery
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Lithium Battery
Industry Introduction
Lithium battery materials are sensitive to oxygen and moistrue, which will affect battery life, charging and discharging operation and safety. A reliable and stable inert atmosphere enclosure provides the environment to produce and develop lithium batteries to effectively ensure the product quality.
Application Highlights
The lithium battery production line operates in a high-purity inert gas protection system, realizing automatic production (including automatic code scanning-feeding-liquid injection-weighing-standing-sealing-inspection-warehouse discharge), ensuring that the whole process flow is carried out in an oxygen-free and water-free environment, with efficient automation production, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of battery production.
Integrating the multiple vacuum boxes can realize batch vacuum drying of batteries and achieve uninterrupted production. Integrating the large-capacity inert gas purification system, water and oxygen detection device with bypass and high-efficiency solvent recovery system will ensure a safe, reliable and efficient production line.
local atmosphere control
Green energy-saving dehumidification system
Water removal of electrode piece and Water removal of solvent

Product Features
Patented sealing technology, with leakage rate as low as < 0.001%/h
Automatic daily detection
Large gas adsorption capacity (O2: 45-60L)
Integrated heating chamber/vacuum enclosure
Seamless docking between enclosures, for smooth and continuous production
Real-time water and oxygen detection technology
Main Scope of Application
Lithium battery research laboratory
Lithium battery production line
Supercapacitor laboratory
Supercapacitor production line / sodium battery
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