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Double-sided Glovebox

The Vigor SG line of glovebox systems are manufactured using quality, high-end components to ensure that our customers can rest in the knowledge that the vigor glovebox will continuously perform at levels <1ppm O2 and H2O. Vigors unique patented, double gasket technology ensures and provides a leakage rate of <0.001 Vol%/h which in turn allows for a low maintenance system that requires fewer regenerations. Combine this with a system that is equipped with Siemens PLC, Colour HMI controller, Michell Moisture analyzer, Panametrics O2 analyzer, Edwards Vacuum Pump and Burket valves throughout makes for an excellent, reliable and durable glovebox. Vigor manufacture every system to order, making us flexible in terms of design and specification.

Product Features
  • Patented Leak Free Sealing Technology

    · Ultra-low leakage rate 0.001vol%/h 

    · Ultra-low impurity levels (O2 and H2O quickly drop below 1 ppm)

  • High Efficiency Purificaiton System

    · High Efficient

    · Low moisture and oxygen contents (<1 ppm, Minimum: 0.1 ppm)

  • Accurate O2 & H2O Analysis

    ·Oxygen Analyzer:

    - Excellent Accuracy, especially at low ppm- Not affected by solvents- Low cost, replaceable sensor

    ·Moisture Analyzer:

    - Accurate, reliable, widely used- No maintenance required- Low cost, replaceable sensor

  • Professional modular design

    ·Facilitate equipment integration

  • Reliable and stable

    · Low regeneration frequency (usually once per year)

    · Long gasket lifetime, often over 10 years without any signs of leakage - Ultra-low energy consumption


Technical Parameter

  • Criteria

    H2O<1ppm; O2<1ppm

  • Control System

    PLC by Siemens, 7"color touchscreen

  • Regeneration Cycle

    Fully Automated cycle

  • Box Pressure Control

    Safety integrated automated pressure control (customer defined Pressure Range, typically :+2 ..+4 mbar)

  • Regeneration Gas

    N2,/Ar/He+H2  (H2 Concentration:5-10 %)

  • Vacuum Pump

    Rotary Vane Oil pump,Maximum velocity: 12m3/h

  • Working Gas

    N2, Ar, He

  • Piping

    Stainless steel

  • Operation Mode

    Closed-loop circulation

  • Main Control Valve

Electro-pneumatic and solenoid valves

Standard configuration (BOX)

  • Material

    304 SS White baking varnish,Brushed inner surface

  • Glovest

    Butyl rubber,Thickness: 0.4mm

  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Feedthroughs

    KF 40 flanges sealed with blank caps

  • Internal Storage

    304 SSFixed or adjustable shelves

  • Power Interface


  • Panel

    Toughened glass Thickness: 8 mm

  • Filters

    Mounted on the vents

  • Lighting


  • Stand

    Adjustable levelers and castors for mobility

  • Glove Ports

    3~4 Aluminium,O-type sealing ring,220mm

  • Power Line

    2 holes/3 holes socket

Large Antechamber

  • Material

    304SS White baking varnish,Brushed inner surface

  • Internal Tray

    304 SS

  • Location

    Left or right side

  • Door

    Double doors,Anodised aluminium,Thickness: 10mm

  • Dimensions (mm)

    370 mm inner diameter x 600 mm inner length

  • Operation Mode

    Manual and automatic

Small Antechamber

  • Material

    304SS White baking varnish,Brushed inner surface

  • Location

    Left or right side

  • Dimensions (mm)

    150 mm x 300 mm

  • Transfer Mode

    Sliding tray

  • Internal Tray

    304 SS

  • Door

    Double doors,Anodised aluminium,Thickness: 10mm

  • Operation Mode


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