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Multi-station glove box

Vigor is fully committed to providing our customers with inert atmosphere solutions to meet their exact requirements.

Product Features

  • Clean level optional

    · Clean level optional, other magazine gas adsorption column optional

  • Control ability

    · Safe and reliable automatic control ability

  • Leak-free patented sealing technology

    · Ultra-low leakage rate (industry standard<0.005vol%/h, Vigor's leakage rate < 0.001vol%/h) Ultra-low moisture oxygen concentration


Technical Parameter

  • Criteria


  • Control System

    PLC by Siemens, 7"color touchscreen

  • Regeneration Cycle

    Fully Automated cycle

  • Box Pressure Control

    Safety integrated automated pressure control(customer defined Pressure Range, typically :+2 ..+4 mbar)

  • Regeneration Gas

    N2/Ar/He+H2 (HConcentration:5-10 %)

  • Vacuum Pump

    Rotary Vane Oil pump, Pumping speed:12m3/h

  • Working Gas

    N2, Ar, He

  • Piping

    Stainless steel

  • Operation Mode

    Closed-loop circulation

  • Main Control Valve

    Electro-pneumatic and solenoid valves

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