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Large Industrial Enclosure

Viogor glove box adopts modular design, can integrate refrigerator and cold trap, meet the need for experimental research and production in the inert atmosphere of low temperature environment. Commonly used in chemical material synthesis research and production, medicine research and production.

Product Features

  • Patented Leak Free Gasket Technology

    · ltra-low leakage rate 0.001vol%/h

  • Dew point lower then -70°C possible

    ·Mini-environments for Li-battery manufacturing with dry or inert gas conditions

  • Any size 10 …. 1000 m³ (or more) enclosed volume
  • Cleanliness level optional

    · Class100,Class10 ISO3 ISO2

  • Modular design

    ·Inert clean room enclosures for OLED/QLED Manufacturing

    ·It is suitable for production lines such as display, lithium battery, synthesis, 3D printing and environmental equipment


Technical Parameter

  • Criteria


  • Control System

    PLC by Siemens, 7"color touchscreen

  • Regeneration Cycle

    Fully Automated cycle

  • Box Pressure Control

    Safety integrated automated pressure control(customer defined Pressure Range, typically :+2 ..+4 mbar)

  • Regeneration Gas

    N2/Ar/He+H2 (HConcentration:5-10 %)

  • Vacuum Pump

    Rotary Vane Oil pump, Pumping speed:12m3/h

  • Working Gas

    N2, Ar, He

  • Piping

    Stainless steel

  • Operation Mode

    Closed-loop circulation

  • Main Control Valve

    Electro-pneumatic and solenoid valves

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