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Solvent Purification System

Vigor Solvent Purification Systems provide our customers with anhydrous solvent, safely, efficiently and continuously.

Product Features
  • Safe and fast way to dry and dispense solvents

    ·  Toluene, acetonitrile,hexane, ether, THF, DMF, methylene, chloroform

  • Purification capacity per solvent is 800L(dependent on initial water content)

  • Flow rate

    ·  < 800 cc/min


Standard configuration

  • Material

    304# stainless steel

  • Common Solvent 

    Toluene, acetonitrile, hexane, ether, THF, DMF, methylene chloroform etc.

  • Number of Solvent 

    3, 5, 7 Other, customized number of solvents, on demand.)

  • Purification Capacity Per Unit

    <800L (Dependent on initial water content)

  • Flow Rate

    Up to 800 ml/min

  • Technical Parameter

    H2O<1 ppm, O2<1 ppm

  • Fluid Reservoir


  • Internal Material

    Included dehydration and deoxygenization materials

  • Particle Filter

    Equipped with particle filter

  • Gas Supply System

    Included gas purifier

  • Working Gas

    99.99% N2-Ar

  • Gas Connection

    One gas supply port for each solvent

  • Vacuum System

    One diaphragm vacuum pump

  • Explosion-proof Cabinet

    Fire-proof cabinet for solvent purification system

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